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Acceleration Transducers
Acceleration transducers convert the acceleration of running vehicle or
the vibration of car body or machinery into electrical signals.
Each model is compact and lightweight,
and ensures superior static and dynamic characteristics.
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Acceleration Transducers
Using a strain gage as the sensing element, AS-GA and AS-GB series acceleration
The small and lightweight design barely disturbs the vibration mode of the objec
Wide measurement range, capable of measuring slight through to high acceleration
Compact and lightweight design of ASH-A series acceleration transducers do not d
AS-HB series acceleration transducers provide twice wider frequency response ran
Compact and lightweight measure 3 axes acceleration simultaneously. * TEDS-inst
AS-TG series acceleration transducers have 3 incorporated miniature acceleration
AS-TA and AS-TB series acceleration transducers have 3 incorporated miniature ac
Water Proof
ASW -A series are waterproof acceleration transducers to withstand against water
Three Axis Angular Rate Gyro
Rated Capacity: <br> +/- 900deg/s (+/- 15.708rad/s)
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