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Easy to Use, Small , Lightweight, and Suitable for Measurement of Vibrations not only of Model Structures but also in the field of human engineering.

Using a strain gage as the sensing element, AS-GA and AS-GB series acceleration transducers are designed to measure small levels of acceleration. The miniature lightweight design makes them widely used for measurement of vibrations in small structures or scale models as well as in the field of human engineering. AS-GA series comes with hermetic terminal and AS-GB series are integrated with cable. A convenient mount base to facilitate installation.
* TEDS-installed versions can be manufactured. Inquiries are welcome.
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Model Rated Capacity Natural Frequency
ASHT-A-100 ±980.7m/s 2 (±100G) DC to 1.2kHz
 Sensitivity Deviation:±5%
ASHT-A-200 ±1961m/s 2 (±200G) DC to 2.1kHz
 Sensitivity Deviation: ±5%
ASHT-A-500 ±4903m/s 2 (±500G) DC to 3kHz
Sensitivity Deviation: ±10%
ASHT-A-1K ±9807m/s 2 (±1000G) DC to 5kHz
Sensitivity Deviation: ±10%
Rated Capacity See table above
Nonlinearity Within±0.1% RO
Hysteresis Within±0.1% RO
Rated Output 0.5mV/V (1000μm/m) ±20%
Environmental Characteristics
Safe Temperature Range -15 to 65°C
Compensated Temperature Range 5 to 40°C
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance Within ±1%RO/°C
Temperature Effect on Output Within ±1%/°C
Electrical Characteristics
Safe Excitation Voltage 6V  AC or DC
Recommended Excitation Voltage 2V AC or DC
Input Resistance 120Ω±8.3%
Output Resistance 120Ω±8.3%
Cable 4-conductor (0.08mm 2 ) vinyl shielded cable diameter
3.2 mm by 5 m long, terminated with connector plugs (3 pieces)
(Shield wire is not connected to mainframe.)
Mechanical PropertiesConnector
Safe Overload Rate 300%
Frequency Response Range See table above
Transverse Sensitivity 2% or less
Weight Approx. 45g (Approx. 420g including cable)
Dimensions 30×38×16mm
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