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Strain gages are sensing elements that electrically detect micro mechanical changes referred to as "strain."
Strain gage type transducers use strain gages in the "force to electrical quantity" conversion component and convert physical quantity into electrical output.
These robots were designed to allow all typical tests to be performed quickly, accurate and repeatably to enable high quality objective data to be obtained, without the need for highly skilled drivers.
These laser scanners meet maximum technical requirements and the demand for greater safety and comfort for road users. As a reliable, innovative partner of the automotive industry we work passionately towards a future with no road accidents.
Automotive Test Equipments are used for applications such as automotive performance testing.
These dummies has been designed to meet the requirements of the EuroNCAP Tests.
These instruments amplify, read, record, and convert signals from transducers into digital data.
The world leading products combining the best of Inertial Navigation and GPS/GNSS was designed and are manufacturing for Vehicle Dynamics, Ship, Aero applications & Surveys.
The "flowtronic" fuel consumption testing system has been developing for all kinds of testing applications from mobile vehicle tests to stationary bench tests for Vehicle Dynamics, & Ship buildings,
The Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) enables key vehicle suspension measurements to be made quickly and accurately.
Plato delivers high-precision order-domain analysis of gear-mesh related noise/vibration when the product under test is subjected to variable speed and/or variable torque test conditions.
We offer a variety of measurement systems for several applications such as vehicle testing & automotive parts.