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    Compact and Lightweight Design Resulting in Slight Effects on Vibration Mode

    Compact and lightweight design of ASH-A series acceleration transducers do not disturb vibration mode of objects by installing these transducers. In addition, it is easy to install ASH-A acceleration transducers by adhesives like CC-33A.
    *TEDS-installed versions can be manufactured. Inquiries are welcome.
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    Model Rated Capacity
    (Reference Value)
    Frequency Response
    (at 23C )
    ASH-A-100 980.7m/s 2 (100G) DC to 2kHz 5%
    ASH-A-200 1961m/s 2 (200G) DC to 3.5kHz 5%
    ASH-A-500 4903m/s 2 (500G) DC to 5kHz 10%
    ASH-A-1K 9807m/s 2 (1000G) DC to 7kHz 10%
    Rated Capacity See table above
    Nonlinearity Within0.1% RO
    Hysteresis Within0.1% RO
    Rated Output 0.5mV/V (1000m/m) 20%
    Environmental Characteristics
    Safe Temperature Range -15 to 65C
    Compensated Temperature Range 5 to 40C
    Temperature Effect on Zero Balance Within 1%RO/C
    Temperature Effect on Output Within 1%/C
    Electrical Characteristics
    Safe Excitation Voltage 6V AC or DC
    Recommended Excitation Voltage 1 to 3V AC or DC
    Input Resistance 120ء8.3%
    Output Resistance 120ء8.3%
    Cable 4-conductor (0.08mm 2 ) vinyl shielded cable diameter
    3.2 mm by 5 m long, terminated with connector plugs (3 pieces)
    (Shield wire is not connected to mainframe.)
    Mechanical PropertiesConnector
    Safe Overload Rate 300%
    Frequency Response Range See table above
    Transverse Sensitivity 2% or less
    Weight Approx. 6.5 g
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