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Strain gage transducers are designed to transduce physical variables such as load, force, pressure, acceleration, vibration, displacement and torque into electric signals by using strain gages as sensing elements. The electric output signals can be connected to various measuring instruments to monitor, record and control physical variables. Use of strain gages as sensing elements makes the transducers compact and lightweight, while ensuring least mechanical displacement and superior linearity due to simple structure. Practically, strain gage transducers are widely used for research and as industrial measuring devices for production control. Among them, load cells are used to detect compressive force or tensile one; pressure transducers, to detect water, oil or air pressure; acceleration transducers, to detect impact or vibration acceleration; displacement transducers, to detect displacement in various loading tests and materials tests; torque transducers, to detect torque such as twisting force of a rotary object; transducers for automotive tests; and civil engineering and architectural transducers, to measure soil pressure, stress, pore pressure, etc.

Important Notice
Strain gage transducers cannot be used under hydrogen environment.
Load Cells(Load Transducers)
Pressure Transducers
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