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EuroNCAP Soft Car 360

EuroNCAP Soft Car 360

The Soft Car 360® combines with the ABD Guided Soft Target (GST) driverless platform to form the perfect ADAS testing solution. Following the Euro NCAP workshop at AstaZero in Sweden in November 2016, the Soft Car 360® has been specifically adopted as the Global Vehicle Target (GVT) for the Euro NCAP 2018 AEB test specification.
• Foam body structure with velcro fixing
• Photo-realistic vinyl skins
• Panels encase breakaway radio and GPS antennas
• Aerodynamically stable for high speed testing
• Realistic radar signature with radar reflective material in bumpers, doors and bonnet
• Reflective printed vehicle lights and number plates
• Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) underskirts
• Full wheel foam pieces with corner reflectors
• Visually realistic attachable Wing mirrors
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