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LUX Mini

LUX Mini

ibeo miniLUX (concept) is the next generation of Ibeo's mini laser scanners. Though It is amazingly small and covers up to 180 deg horizontal field of view. Vehicles will still be measured in a distance up to 40m, pedestrians up to 15m.
Model LUX Mini
Measuring Range 15m(for Pedestrian), 40m(for Vehicle)
Sampling Rate 5 Hz
Angular Resolution 1 deg
Horizontal Field Of View 180 deg
Vertical Field Of View 1 deg(1 layer)
Interface Ethernet
PDF Download

LUX_mini.pdf (2.5M)

• Tail-gate, Hatch, Folding, Top And Door
• 3D Parking Support
• Driver Gesture Detection
• Clearence Height Detection
• Backover Sensing
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