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Plato delivers high-precision order-domain analysis of gear-mesh related noise/vibration when the product under test is subjected to variable speed and/or variable torque test conditions.
For test stand based applications, Plato is optimised to provide an automated, highly-efficient (and hence fast) NVH test cycle, yet the same software running outside of test mode (or on another PC) is capable of "deep-diving" into the raw data, facilitating comprehensive analysis & reporting.
Plato also comes with many add-on software options relevant to test stand based testing of transmissions, gearboxes, transfer cases, CVTs etc:
• "Stats" - for automated statistical analysis & trending of key quality values extracted by the system during every test
• "Dybal" - for input (companion flange) imbalance measurement
• "Metkit" - for gear pitch-line run-out measurement
• "Revkit" - for objective analysis of impulsive noise/vibration from non-cyclical errors such as gear "knocks" & "clicks"
• "Focus" - an automated fault-classification system, which uses the entire abnormal NVH-signature to report root-cause information using sophisticated pattern-matching algorithms
more... For test stand based NVH results to be meaningful, they must be repeatable. For this reason, Plato places great emphasis on checking test stand induced test conditions in parallel with acquiring dynamic data for NVH-analysis -every test.
Solid, reliable results are the platform for pinpoint diagnostics and high-accuracy correlations to in-vehicle assessments.
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