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Steering System Test Machine

Steering System Test Machine

The Steering System Test Machine (SSTM) is a computer-controlled machine for applying force and displacement inputs to a vehicle's steering system in the laboratory.
Model  Steering System Test Machine 
Peak Actuator Torque(1motor) 550Nm
Peak Actuator Torque(2motor) 1100Nmh
Max Continuous Torque (1motor) 250Nm
Max Continuous Torque (2motor) 400Nm
Max Duration For Peak Torque 30s
Force Control Bandwidth 40Hz
Actuator Asymmetry(Magnitude) ±3%
Actuator Asymmetry(Magnitude) <±3˚
Phase Lag <5ms
Displacement Control Bandwidth 3Hz
Max Continuous Steer Torque 30Nm
Dimension(cm) 2796×2213×1781
Weight 3.5 ton
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