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The APMM is designed to measure suspension kinematics and compliances by applying vertical or horizontal inputs to the suspension system of a vehicle. It applies loads or displacements to the wheels at low velocity, and measures the pseudo-static characteristics. The APMM is designed to be a cost-effective machine that can be used to test a wide range of vehicles. The APMM is also capable of performing detailed steering system tests using the optional steering wheel drive motor.
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• Easy ‘Drive on’ Vehicle Installation
• Fast Setup Time
• Computer Controlled Track Adjustment
• No Hydraulics:- DC Servomotors Control Wheel Movement
• Vertical And Horizontal Motion Along High Precision Linear Rails
• Wheel Measurement By High Resolution String Encoders
• Programmable Control Software Running Under WindowsNT™
• Spare Analogue And Encoder Inputs For Data Capture
• Floor Mounted Or Pit Installation
• Excellent Access Underneath Vehicle For Suspension Modification
• Testing With Standard Wheels And Tyres Or Alternatively With Wheel Substitutes Fitted
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