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Digital Analog Converter

Digital Analog Converter

Digital To Analog Converter Provides Analog Output Conversion Of Titan Mini-Recorder Data.
Model DAC1602-23
Number Of Titan Channels 16 On BNC Connectors
Output Sample Rate 1,200 Samples/Second
Output Bandwidth 150Hz
Sensors Balance Values Output Is Automatically Offset To Include The balance Value Used For The Sensor
Output Voltage Option 0 To +5V, Or ±10V
Output Filter Option 150Hz, 3 Pole Reconstruction Filter
Digital Interface (2)RJ-45 Connectors(COMM Pod, COMM CPU), USB
Power Requirements 11-32 VDC @ 1.4W; 5W Typical When Powering A Titan Input Module
Dimensions 13.3㎝ ×10.6㎝×4.0㎝(L×W×H)
* Expansion Card Option
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• Seamless Integration With Individual Titan
    Input Modules As Well As Titan CPU-Based Systems.
• Permits Separation Of Input And Output Modules By Providing A Digital Link
    For Analog Signals Over Distance(Up To 300 FT) Via Standard Ethernet CAT5/6 Cable
• Supplies Power To Titan Input Modules, Eliminating The Need
    For Additional Power Sources.
• Signals May Be Recorded When Connected To A PC,
    Titan CPU Or Titan Mini-Recorder, As Well As Monitored In Real-Time On The PC.
• Simplified User Interface Provides Easy Operation
    Under Difficult Operating Conditions.
• Sixteen Channel Analog Output For Monitoring And Control Applications.
• Closes Outer Loop On SImulator System.
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