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The Torus was designed to offer similar high performance to the SR60 and give some key technical advantages. The hollow centre allows the Torus to be installed on the vehicle's steering wheel without removing the airbag. This design avoids the need to remove the original steering wheel or disable the steering wheel air bag, reducing set up time. Safety is increased as the airbag can safely deploy through the centre of the wheel without the robot motor becoming detached from the steering wheel. The Torus design also removes the problem of ESC deactivation caused by airbag removal on some vehicles and allows the driver to have access to the steering wheel mounted controls. The SR60 Torus motor uses a direct drive continuous rotation brushless motor with low friction bearing and the system requires no gears or clutches. The vehicle can be driven manually between tests using the integrated steering rim.
Model SR60-Torus
Maximum Torque 70Nm
Torque Knee Point 60Nm at 1,500˚/s
Max. Speed 2,500˚/s at up to 30Nm
Motor Mass 9kg

Model Conventional SR60
Maximum Torque 70Nm at up to 580˚/s
Max.Continuous Torque 60Nm at up to 1,000˚/s
Max. Speed 2,500˚/s at up to 24Nm
Motor Mass 12.5kg
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• Single Sine Test
• Spin-out Test
• Continuous Sine Test (Sinusoidal & Constant Velocity)
• Square and Trapezoidal Step Tests
• Sine Sweep Tests
• Roll Stability Test
• Pulse Test
• Parking Effort Test
• Swept Steer Test
• Kerbing Test
• Catch-up Test
• User Define Test
• Learn Test
• Return Ability Test
• Flick Test
• Path Following Tests (Option)
• Periodic Random Noise Test
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