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RT-Range-S, ADAS V2X Test Solution
Multiple target ADAS measurement solution
When paired with an inertial navigation system from Oxford Technical Solutions, the RT-Range-S becomes an essential tool for the development, testing and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
Objective validation to global NCAP standards
RT-Range-S expands on our accurate and reliable single vehicle dynamics measurements by processing the range, orientation and relative motion of multiple vehicles. The RT-Range S is used globally for objective validation of camera, radar and LiDAR sensors as well as ADAS testing for braking, lane departure warning and collision avoidance systems.
Vehicle-to-target and lane position measurements
The RT-Range S can be used for accurate measurement of the relative motion and range of up to four target vehicles from a vehicle under test (VuT) or Hunter. Vehicle-to-vehicle measurements are computed over a 1 km range. The system can also precisely measure position relative to lane markings and up to 60,000 surveyed feature points e.g. traffic signals. Measurements are displayed in real-time and output over CAN in the Hunter vehicle.
Euro NCAP AEB City, Inter-Urban
Euro NCAP AEB VRU, cyclist, pedestrian
NHTSA FCW 1, 2, 3
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Park Assist and back-up aid
Intelligent Headlight Validation
Traffic sign recognition
Open road ADAS testing
Driving Robot ADAS testing
Key Features
Multiple sensor point validation
V2V and V2X measurements in real-time
Up to 1km range between hunter and targets
Measures closest point and visibility of targets
Vehicle to lane measurements
Real-time birds-eye view of test area
CAN interface
Driving robot interface
Survey up to 60,000 road assets
Software suite included
Training available
Technical Information
Model RT-Range-S
Parameter Conditions Specification
Lateral distance to lane 30m 0.02m
Lateral velocity to lane 20m/s 0.02m/s
Lateral acceleration to lane 30m 0.1m/s
Longitudinal range 200m 0.03m
Lateral range 20m 0.03m
Resulting range 200m 0.03m
Longitudinal range rate 50m/s 0.02m/s
Lateral range rate 20m/s 0.02m
Resulting range rate 50m/s 0.02m
Resulting yaw angle 360 0.1