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차량 계측 센서/시스템 자율주행/ADAS 개발 솔루션 차량 시험 컨설팅 및 리웍
Miniature dual antenna GNSS/INS
Fully integrated dual antenna INS/GNSS, ideal for space constrained ADAS applications such as low-profile robotic platforms, pedestrian and VRU tests.
Despite its small size, the RT1003 integrates high-grade MEMS inertial sensors and RTK capable GNSS receivers
This allows it to be economical on price and power but still deliver centimetre-level positioning and accurate velocity, acceleration, and orientation that is required by NCAP, NHTSA, and IIHS tests.
When GNSS struggles, such as in open-road testing where tunnels and bridges can cause obstructions, the high-grade MEMS IMU provides a backup to fill in the gaps and keep the system on track
Supporting technologies such as odometer input, forwards/backwards processing, and vehicle motion profiles help maintain best possible accuracy that`s smooth and free from jumps in all environments. Ensure as much of your data as possible is within spec with our gx/ix tight-coupling technology, which speeds up RTK reacquisition times and can maintain RTK level performance even in high multipath environments and poor satellite visibility.
AEB City, inter-urban validation
Motorcycle dynamics testing
AB Dynamics recommended for steering robot guidance
AEB VRU pedestrian/cyclist tests
Low profile robotic platform guidance
Global NCAP and NHTSA testing
Key Features
Used for EuroNCAP AEB VRU tests where size and weight are critical
Tightly-coupled GNSS/IMU for reliable accurate measurement
Two centimetre position accuracy, 0.25˚ slip angle accuracy
Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading in all conditions
One box solution with real-time CAN, Ethernet and serial output
Technical Information
Model RT1003
Positioning · GPS L1, L2
· GLONASS L1, L2 (option)
Positioning accuracy (CEP) 1.6m SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.4m DGPS / 0.02m RTK
Velocity accuracy 0.1km/h RMS
Roll / Pitch 0.05˚ / 1˚
Heading (2m baseline) 0.1˚ / 1˚
Acceleration bias stability 0.08mg
Acceleration range 10g
Angular rate bias stability 3˚/hr
Angular rate range 300˚/s
Measurement rate · 100Hz
· 200/250Hz (optional)
Operating temperature -40˚C to +70˚C
Power input 10 - 31V
Power consumption 9W
Dimensions 142mm x 77mm x 41mm
Weight 435g
Internal storage 32GB
Interfaces Ethernet, Serial, CAN
Dual antenna Yes