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EuroNCAP 3D Articulated Dummy (Adult, Child)
More similar humans and the movement of the legs is more realistic
Additional options for the dummy are moving arms and a moving head. The dummy is detectable by radar, infrared and camera sensors, also the Micro Doppler spread is humanlike. The dummy is based on a modular system, needing only a few minutes to exchange damaged parts. Crashes up to 60km/h are possible without damage to the test vehicle and dummy.
Key Features
Waterproof in rainy conditions - application temperature -5C to 40C
Very robust - crashes up to 60km/h
No hard impact points prevents damage to test vehicles
Battery powered - test with one battery for entire day
Automatic triggering
EuroNCAP standard tests or optional programmed tests
Modular system - hip, center tube, legs, electronic unit and battery
Moving arms and a moving head (Option)
Technical Information
Model Adult Child
Body height 1,800mm 1,154mm
Shoulder width 500mm 298mm
Torso angle 85 78
Weight < 7.5kg < 4kg
* IR reflectivity : from 850 to 910nm measured in 45and 90/ Clothes and skin 40%~60% / Hair 20%~60%
* RCS reflectivity : measured with a 77GHz sensor average curve 0dBsm - measured 5dBsm in free space Micro Doppler characteristic leg movement (knee+ankle) humanlike distribution of the entire RCS