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자동차 R&D 파트너
차량 계측 센서/시스템 자율주행/ADAS 개발 솔루션 차량 시험 컨설팅 및 리웍
sinaCAM is a new kind of “real 3D” HD camera system based on the proCAM platform and featuring remote camera heads. It was developed by Solectrix in collaboration with Anadicon Solutions for the professional film market.
The system is light-weight and flexible thanks to its remote camera heads which can be placed up to 180 m (590 ft) away from the base unit. The compact size of the camera heads enable the construction of significantly smaller 3D camera rigs than usual. The dual 14-bit 2/3” CCD sensor of sinaCAM provides excellent images at 1080p resolution with up to 60 fps with a dynamic range of 13.5 f-stops. A broad range of advanced picture settings and the support for various Sony remote control panels please even demanding professional filmmakers.