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Park-assist Solutions
Park-assist solutions impress
We delivered live demonstrations using precision GNSS/INS technology and our NEW Multiple Sensor Points technology in RT-Range. The demos showed how test engineers are able to collect reference data from up to 12 individual sensor positions on their test vehicle, in real time each with an individually configurable range and field of view.
Test Scenario : Park-assist
In this parallel park-assist scenario, the VUT parallel parks between two parked vehicles at the side of a road. Horizontal Range to both vehicles and to the curb can be provided in real time alongside time-to-collision measurements. In addition, Multiple Sensor Points can show users precisely what the vehicle can detect or if there are any blind spots that could risk a collision as the vehicle manoeuvres into the space.

Key features of the technology this demonstration utilised include :
• Polygon set up (up to 24 sensor points can be mapped around the vehicle)
• Target visibility
• Time-to-collision measurements
• Feature points (vehicle to fixed object measurements)

Over the course of the day over 100 test engineers from across the automotive industry specialising in ADAS and autonomous technologies witnessed the live demonstrations. The feedback we received was very positive.