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Sensor S8005C
The compact model S8005C
The complete systems with sensor S8005C are suitable for engines with fuel supply to the engine but without fuel return to the tank. The measuring range is 0,1 ... 250l/h. The systems are suitable for gasoline, diesel, alcohol based and bio fuel and can be used mobile in vehicles as also stationary at the test bench.
Gasoline, diesel, alcohol based and bio-fuel
Technical Information
Model S8005C
Permitted fuel types Gasoline, diesel, alcohol based and bio-fuel
Measurement parameters Fuel volume, Fuel temperature (option),
Fuel pressure (option)
Quick-lock connectors Range : 100l/h
NW 5.8
Range : 150l/h NW 5.8, NW 9.5 or special
spill-free version upon request
Range : 250l/h NW 5.8, NW 9.5 or special
spill-free version upon request
Flow rate Measuring range 0,1 ... 250 l/h
Volume Measuring accuracy ±0.5% of value (at a flow rate within 1 ... 50l/h)
Measuring resolution 0.004ml
Fuel temperature Measuring Range -20 ... +75˚C
Measuring accuracy K type DIN IEC 584, class 1
Measuring resolution Depending on external data acquisition
Fuel pressure Measuring range 0 ... 6bar (max. consider maximum
operational system pressure of 5bar! 10bar option available)
Measuring accuracy ±0.25% of full scale
Measuring resolution Depending on external data acquisition
Inner diameter (mm) of engine fuel tube ≤12
Quick lock couplings Self closing
Operational pressure 5bar (optional 10bar)
Operational temperatue -20 ... +70˚C
Drop of pressure (without filter) 30kPa at 50l/h, 80kPa at 120l/h
Fuel filter 2 located in each fuel tube
Operating directions Any
Dimensions (W × H × D) Sensor S8005C Approx. 120mm × 105mm × 85mm
Heat exchanger HE8005 Approx. 250mm × 195mm × 85mm (without connectors)
Weight Sensor S8005C Approx. 2.6kg
Heat exchanger HE8005 Approx. 5.6kg
Temperature sensor (option) For advanced fuel consumption measurement the flowtronic sensor S8005C can be supplied with two optional thermocouple (K-type or PT-100) mounted into the fuel in-and outlet of the flow sensing element. An amplifier for the thermocouple or PT100 signal is required separately (not included in delivery).
Power supply 12VDC
Power consumption Nominal 8A
Heat Exchanger Unit
Quick-lock couplings (on both sides self closing)
Robust design with aluminum housing
Fuel circulation rate max. 170l/h
Power supply with 12VDC (vehicle power), integrated automatic circuit breaker
Extending the sensor with the optional heat exchange unit flowtronic HE8005 enables the system to operate also with engines which have a fuel supply system with fuel return back to the tank. In addition the heat exchange unit avoids gas bubbles within the engine related fuel circuit in case of high ambient temperatures. An extra pressure regulator provides manual pressure adjustment within the fuel supply to engine. The fuel return pressure cannot be adjusted.