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ibeo SDK (C++ Software Package)
The ibeo SDK is a C++ software package containing various source code demos that enable the reading of data generated by Ibeo's LiDAR sensors and other Ibeo devices
Ibeo's SDK (ibeoSDK) is a C++ software package compatible with Linux and Windows that allows reading data generated by Ibeo's devices (e. g. ibeo LUX LiDAR sensors, ScaLa LiDAR sensors, ECU and ibeo Evaluation Suite) and can be used for developing customer specific functionalities.

Ibeo's data are available in the binary format, either from the LiDAR sensors via the TCP/IP data stream or as IDC files, the Ibeo Data Container, used for saving data generated by Ibeo hardware devices. In order to receive specific data types, a listener class for each data type must be registered. The listener class is notified if the required information appears in the output data of the specified hardware device. The results are provided in the onData method and can then be output according to the customer's requirements, e. g. in the CSV format.