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DTS (Driverless Test System)
Take the driver out the vehicle, remove the risk
We supplied the first Driverless Test System (DTS) in 2007 and since then our customers worldwide have chosen driverless testing for the tests where there is a risk to the test driver's health.
Durability testing
Tests designed to accelerate the wear of vehicle components, these typically involve repeatedly driving a vehicle over rough surfaces. Durability tests are tedious and physically demanding for drivers, but perfect for driving robots.
Tests with a risk of roll-over
Fishhook tests and other aggressive vehicle dynamics tests designed to destabilise a vehicle can be performed with zero risk to a driver using the DTS.
Collision scenarios
When a collision is a certainty, the DTS is the safe choice. Our customers use the driverless test system for doing tests such as evaluating post-collision auto braking systems.
Misuse test
Designed to explore what happens to a vehicle in an extreme situation, such as driving into a sandbank or becoming airborne after driving over a ramp.

Typically used to determine whether airbags or other elements of passenger restraint systems are deployed in non-collision situations.
ADAS testing
ADAS testing with multiple vehicles passing close to each other carries an obvious element of risk. Using the DTS allows all risk of human injury to be eliminated.
Steering Robot - Any of our range is suitable
CBAR pedal robot (with optional clutch actuator if required)
Gear-change robot (for cars with manual gear change)
RC software with path-following module
Secondary fail-safe brake system with independent safety controller
Wireless telemetry - TrackFi or TrackFi Pro
GPS-corrected motion pack
Controller and power supply
Vision system (if required)
Base station with real-time data telemetry and remote controls for manual driving