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Synchro Software
Synchro is the system we use to ensure your ADAS targets arrive at the intersection point at exactly the same time as your test vehicle.
It uses our dependable TrackFi wireless telemetry system together with advanced proprietary software to guarantee perfect synchronisation, even along complex paths and at varying speeds.
The Synchro product family
Synchro is available in different versions to suit your requirements and budget. All are straightforward to set up and run, and are compatible with AB Dynamics' range of driving robots and ADAS targets.
Three Types of Synchro
Synchro Beam
No equipment required in Subject vehicle
Uses a double-beam light gate
Forward velocity of Subject vehicle is calculated
Trigger sent to direct the Tracker towards impact point
Cost effective way to rapidly test multiple vehicles
Synchro Lite
Subject vehicle requires a Track-Fi and motion pack
Human driven only (No driving robots)
Motion pack position sent directly to tracker vehicle
Suitable for relative longitudinal and 'time-to-collision' testing
Efficient equipment utilisation
Full Synchro
Subject vehicle requires motion pack, Track-fi and AB Dynamics controller
Multi-directional position error transmitted to Tracker vehicle
Suitable for highly complex curved paths and intersections
Guarantees a consistent relative impact point
Allows up to 16 vehicles to be synchronised
Allows complex scenarios for advanced ADAS and driverless vehicles
Testing self-driving vehicles requires an ever-expanding range of complex tests which may feature large numbers of vehicles and targets. Synchro is the only system which allows highly accurate coordination even at high speeds. AB Dynamics' Synchro system is protected by worldwide patents.