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Soft Pedestrian Target
Precise choreography for Vulnerable Road User dummies
The Soft Pedestrian System from AB Dynamics harnesses our decades of motion control experience for a novel purpose. Using the motor and control technology behind our steering robots, we can precisely synchronise the movement of a dummy with that of an oncoming vehicle.
Ideal for testing AEB systems and automated driving
The SPT has been designed to be suitable for testing Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems and the RC software includes a pre-defined test group matching the Euro NCAP test standards. It is also ideal for testing automated driving technology.
SPT20 vs SPT20S
For customers who have an SR60 or SR60 Torus steering robot, these can be used as the drive motor for the SPT20. It is a simple job to attach the steering robot to the SPT20 drive unit and it can just as easily be removed for use as a steering robot when needed. The SPT20 is the lowest-cost synchronised pedestrian sled system on the market.

The SPT20S is a self-contained version with its own motor and controller.
Familiar software interface; powerful synchronisation
The SPT uses the same RC software as our driving robots, and creating a motion profile is simple. Synchronisation is guaranteed thanks to AB Dynamics' powerful Synchro technology and TrackFi radio telemetry.
Flexible design for a range of VRU testing
The SPT20 and SPT20S are suitable for a range of Vulnerable Road User (VRU) tests, thanks to a flexible design concept. The sleds can carry pedestrian or cyclist dummies and a single-belt option is available for motion parallel to the subject vehicle. The powerful motor is easily capable of achieving the required accelerations and velocities for cyclist tests*.

* Optional mains PSU is recommended for high speed operation such as with a cyclist dummy
The choice of the standard - setters
AB Dynamics' Soft Pedestrian Target is used around the world by the organisations that define tomorrow's tests, including Euro NCAP labs, NHTSA, Transport Canada, CATARC and KATRI.