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Guided Soft Target (GST)
The GST - an essential tool for developing future driver assistance technology
The Guided Soft Target is a pilotable target which looks like another car to your vehicle. The self-propelled platform carries a soft vehicle target (Soft Car 360) which is aerodynamically stable yet can separate into lightweight parts on impact, avoiding damage to the test vehicle.
Rugged, dependable platform
AB Dynamics has used its well-proven motion control technology in the GST, with cutting-edge motor and battery technology to ensure that it withstands repeated impacts and long days on the track.
All-day testing
We've designed the GST such that the onboard batteries will power it for a full day of testing. There's no need to swap battery packs.
High performance
All of our performance figures are quoted with a full-sized soft target onboard. The GST is capable of a maximum speed of 100kph, with forward acceleration of 0.2g and 0.8g braking.
Accurate control
Using our proven path-following technology, the GST offers unbeatable position and speed accuracy.
Safety guaranteed
The GST has a fail-safe backup brake system, together with a vigilant safety controller. Watchdog signals are used to ensure all system elements are fully functional, and in the event of a problem, dual brake circuits ensure that it can be stopped.
Synchronisation using a common software environment
The GST can operate using TrackFi or TrackFi Pro telemetry systems, together with our powerful Synchro software.

This allows perfect synchronisation with your test vehicle, whether driven by robots or a human driver. Multiple tracker objects can be synchronised with the subject vehicle, allowing complex ADAS scenarios to be created.
Soft Car 360 - Global Vehicle Target (GVT) for harmonised testing
The Soft Car 360 vehicle target is licensed by AB Dynamics for production in Europe and has been adopted by Euro NCAP and NHTSA as the Global Vehicle Target for harmonised ADAS testing.

It can be assembled in less than 10 minutes with no tools required. Lightweight but durable vinyl-covered foam panels make up the structure, which is covered by a photo-realistic skin.

With a combination of photo-realistic outer skin and built-in radar reflectivity, the Soft Car 360 body has been extensively tested by AB Dynamics and its customers to ensure that it is recognised as a real car by ADAS sensors.
Technical Information
Model GST100 GST120
Maximum acceleration (with soft car body fitted) 0.22g 0.28g
Maximum deceleration 0.8g 0.8g (with ABS)
Maximum lateral acceleration 0.4-0.5g 0.4-0.5g
LPC length 2950mm 3160mm
LPC width 1680mm 1680mm
LPC height (Suspension retracted into chassis) 100mm 100mm
LPC wheelbase 1400mm 1670mm
LPC Front track 790mm 790mm
Max ground clearance, set to max ride height 20mm 20mm
Edge details (edge for minimal radar reflection) 22deg 22deg
Battery capacity 3.6kWh (removable for shipping) 4.8kWh (removable for shipping)
Path-following accuracy (1SD RMS typical maximum, Compatible with OxTS and Genesys products) 2cm 2cm
Over-run capacity Up to 1000kg per wheel+* Up to 1000kg per wheel+*
Typical maximum speed (with Soft Car 360) 100km/h 120km/h