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Capture+Review System
Video capture which is synchronised with your data
AB Dynamics has developed the first video capture package designed for integration with driving robots. The Capture+Review system allows for video to be recorded from up to four cameras and stored together with data from driving robots and other connected sensors (such as a motion pack). The data and video can then be reviewed in parallel without the need for post-processing and manual synchronisation.
Compatible with any USB camera
Capture+Review works with any USB-connected camera, with AB Dynamics offering a standard package which includes two full HD 1080p cameras together with the software package.
Review data and video together
Thanks to the unique way that Capture+Review integrates the video and data streams, there is no need for manual synchronisation afterwards. The system allows the user to scroll through data and video together in parallel, making it simple to review your tests.
Flexible overlay
You can integrate multiple video streams together with data from your driving robots and even the RC software screen output, giving a single video output which is ideal for use in presentations.