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Gear Change & Clutch Robot Test System
The AB Dynamics gearshift robot can be used with manual, automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes
In vehicles with manual gearboxes it can either act as a pseudo automatic selector - changing gear according to speed and throttle inputs, or it can follow a defined gear sequence.
Smooth gear transitions
In addition to enabling driverless control of vehicles with manual gearboxes, the gearshift robot can also be used for tests with a human driver onboard or for test-lab work. The robot controller software automatically coordinates the motion of the clutch, gearchange and throttle actuators to give smooth gear transitions.
Standalone or part of the driverless test system
The gearshift robot consists of two servo-actuators driving a vertical arm. The end of each arm is attached via a tie-rod to the gear-stick, allowing for the gear stick to be moved in the two horizontal axes.

A human driver can sit in the driver's seat and drive the car manually with the gearchange and clutch robots installed. Our gearshift and clutch robots can be used on their own or in conjunction with our other driverless test systems.
Clutch actuator
AB Dynamics offer a rotary clutch actuator designed to work with the CBAR pedal robot range. It allows accurate control of position and pedal speed, with fully configurable clutch and declutch profiles.
Endorsed by Guy Martin
Watch Guy Martin install and test our gearshift robots in the TV programme Guy Martin vs the Robot Car.