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xNAV v3
The high performance, lightweight, INS for drone and UAV
Compact and weighing just 365g, the xNAV v3's miniature form factor is proof that looks can be deceiving once the powerful performance components within are revealed.

One of the most competitively priced INS solutions for drone and UAV mapping, the xNAV v3 ensures the perfect blend of affordability and lightweight size without compromise on performance.
Compact size, high accuracy
· Delivering excellent heading/pitch/roll performance - measurement accuracy of 0.05˚ guaranteed.

· Enjoy 2cm positioning accuracy - GPS & GLONASS as standard ensures improved position and heading robustness even when faced with difficult GNSS environments.

· Achieve even more precise results - the addition of a new generation of accelerometer delivers excellent stability and performance.

Georeferencing UAV LiDAR data
Airborne photogrammetry
UAV remote sensing
Mobile mapping
Aerial surveying
Pedestrian mobile mapping systems
Integrated LiDAR+INS payloads
Key Features
Tightly-coupled GNSS/IMU for reliable accurate measurement
Small and lightweight system in an IP65 package
Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS as standard
No export restrictions
IP65 rated
Internally logs all navigation data automatically
Event inputs and distance-based output triggers for camera integration
Comprehensive software package - NAVsuite - with configuration, monitoring, post-processing, and analysis. Included as standard
Technical Information
Model xNAV500 / 200 xNAV550 / 250
Positioning · GPS L1
· GPS L1, L2
· Beidou L1, L2 (Option)
Position accuracy 2m SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.5m DGPS 1.6m CEP SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.4m DGPS / 0.02m RTK
Velocity accuracy 0.1km/h RMS
Roll / Pitch 0.05˚ 1σ
Heading (2m baseline) 0.15˚ 1σ 0.1˚ 1σ
Measurement rate · 100Hz
· 200 / 250Hz (Optional)
Operating temperature -40˚C to +70˚C
Power input 10 - 31V
Dimensions 132mm x 77mm x 36mm
Dual antenna Yes