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Drop-in INS for external GNSS receivers
Inertial navigation system with support for external aiding from GNSS and Locata receivers. Make use of your existing equipment for land, sea, or air applications.
Great performance, great value
Positioning accuracy is dependent on the external receiver, but it's always complemented by a high-grade MEMS inertial system. Since you've already invested in your own receivers and don't have to pay again for a fully integrated RTK INS, the Inertial+ is very cost-effective. It even comes with a comprehensive software suite included, for configuration, post-processing, monitoring and analysis.
Locata support
In addition to the range of GPS/GNSS receivers that the Inertial+ supports, it's also the first and only INS to support external aiding from the local positioning system Locata. With a local network set up, the Inertial+ takes the NMEA output from a Locata receiver and blends it with the inertial data in the same way as with GNSS, to output a complete 3D navigation solution.
Asset management on roads and rail
Direct georeferencing on manned aerial platforms
Mobile mapping with LiDAR, 360 cameras, ground penetrating radar, and others
Anywhere you want to upgrade your existing GNSS receivers with inertial technology
Key Features
Uses your existing GNSS receiver (reduced cost)
6-axis inertial measurement unit
Real-time, low latency measurement output
100 or 250 Hz update rate
Software suite with post-processing included
Support for multiple vendors inc. Trimble, Topcon, Novatel, and Locata
Integrate with imaging sensors from Riegl, Z+F, Specim, Point Grey, Phase One, and more
Technical Information
Receiver type L1/L2 GPS Internal receivers
Positioning RTK SPS
Positioning accuracy 0.02m 3.0m
Velocity accuracy 0.05km/h RMS 0.1km/h RMS
Acceleration Bias 10mm/s2
Linearity 0.01%
Scale factor 0.1%
Range 10G (Optional 30G)
Roll / Pitch 0.03˚ 0.05˚
Heading · 0.1˚ (Single antenna)
· 0.06˚ (Dual antenna, 4m baseline)
· 0.2˚ (Single antenna)
· 0.06˚ (Dual antenna, 4m baseline)
Angular rate Bias 0.01˚/s
Scale factor 0.1%
Range 100˚/s (Optional 300˚/s)
Update rate · 100Hz (Inertial+ / Inertial+2)
· 250Hz (Inertial+ 250 / Inertial+2 250)
Calculation latency 3.5ms
Power 10-18Vdc, 15W
Dimensions 234mm x 120mm x 76mm
Weight 2.3kg
Operating temperature -10 to 50˚C
Shock survival 100G, 11ms
Internal storage 2GB
Vibration 0.1g2 /Hz, 5 - 500Hz