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Survey Trolley
Accessory for creating and saving lane maps
The survey trolley provides a convenient way of lane surveying when doing vehicle-to-lane measurements with the RT-Range S. The RT-Range S line survey tool software makes creating straight and curved lines simple.
Capture lane markings and turn them into a map
For lane tracking tests, OxTS has a dedicated survey trolley that can be used to survey lane markings and includes software to capture each line and add it to a map. The survey trolley is designed to keep the GPS antenna high, so the accuracy is not reduced by multipath (caused by reflections from a person above it). The survey trolley can accommodate a battery, laptop computer and an RT. The survey is done by using one of the survey trolley wheels as the measurement point to provide the best accuracy.
For vehicle-to-lane measurements with the RT-Range-S
Survey the lane markings, then turn them into a map using the map creation wizard (included)
Key Features
Create and save lane maps
Storage space for a battery, laptop computer and an RT unit