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차량 계측 센서/시스템 자율주행/ADAS 개발 솔루션 차량 시험 컨설팅 및 리웍
A portable and weatherproof base station for GNSS corrections.
The RT-Base-S improves data accuracy by transmitting differential corrections (DGNSS) to your inertial navigation system.
Ready to go in less than five minutes
The RT-Base-S takes less than five minutes to set up. All the parts you need are in one box. Just place the antenna on the tripod and attach it to the RT-Base-S connector, attach the radio modem and you're ready to go. Once switched on, the RT-Base-S automatically computes an average position and begins transmitting DGNSS corrections so you can achieve RTK integer accuracy.
Save positions for repeat use
The RT-Base-S can save it's calculated position for later use. This saves you time if you return to the same position for data collection. It's important that you place the antenna in exactly the same position each time. When returning to frequently used locations often, this removes the chance of the averaged position changing and ensures measurements captured over several visits are always consistent.
Any scenario where real-time RTK integer accuracy is required
Key Features
Configurable in less than five minutes
Internal battery provides a minimum of 24 hours of continuous operation
Operational in all weather conditions
Large number of DGNSS correction formats to choose from
Average position data calculated over a wide user-defined time period
Internally logs corrections for post-processing in case radio link is lost