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RT-Range, ADAS V2X Test Solution
Powered by the RT3000 v3, a complete measurement solution used for Active Safety testing
Previously, the only way to conduct accurate multi-vehicle tests required the set-up and use of two solutions - one for measuring the 'ground-truth' and one for processing relative measurements. If using OxTS systems, that meant using both the RT3000 and the RT-Range S Hunter.

The new generation RT3000 v3 brings together trusted, proven precision measurement capabilities, advanced connectivity capabilities and the intelligence of the RT-Range S Hunter technology.

It replaces the RT-Range S Hunter, providing one complete, integrated multi-vehicle testing solution - one "truth box" to ascertain all the range, motion and orientation measurements you need during multiple vehicle ADAS testing.

OxTS offer a range of features designed to help ADAS test engineers to collect reference data that validates the performance of individual sensors and overall safety. These include our Polygon tool and Multiple Sensor Point technology - adapted to cope with the newer more complex test protocols presented by EuroNCAP.

All-in-one measurement solution for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-lane testing
· Onboard RT-Range processor utilises measurements captured by RTs to process the range, orientation and relative motion of multiple vehicles
· Less hassle - now a one-box solution
· Multiple sensor points functionality - be ready for junction-assist 2020 testing
· Open-road testing made easier with onboard NTRIP client
· Removes the need for the significant power requirements typically needed to run multiple test systems
EuroNCAP AEB City, Inter-Urban
EuroNCAP AEB VRU, cyclist, pedestrian
NHTSA FCW 1, 2, 3
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Park Assist and back-up aid
Intelligent Headlight Validation
Open road ADAS testing
Driving Robot ADAS testing
Key Features
Multiple sensor point validation in real time
V2V and V2X measurements in real-time
Up to 1km range between hunter and targets
Vehicle to lane measurements for lane-support testing
CAN 2.0 and CAN-FD interface
Driving robot and vehicle/pedestrian platform interface
Configure hunter and targets with polygons to measure the closet point between objects
Software suite included for configuration, real-time monitoring and data processing
Network DGPS for passing correction data between vehicles
Training available
Technical Information
Model RT-Range
Parameter Conditions Specification
Lateral distance to lane ±30m 0.02m
Lateral velocity to lane ±20m/s 0.02m/s
Lateral acceleration to lane ±30m 0.1m/s2
Longitudinal range ±200m 0.03m
Lateral range ±20m 0.03m
Resulting range 200m 0.03m
Longitudinal range rate ±50m/s 0.02m/s
Lateral range rate ±20m/s 0.02m
Resulting range rate ±50m/s 0.02m
Resulting yaw angle 360˚ 0.1˚