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RT3000 v3
Greater mobility, connectivity and efficiency
The INS of choice for the world`s leading automotive companies, suppliers and innovators, the RT3000 provides test engineers with a "ground truth" when measuring the position, orientation and dynamics of a vehicle.

The RT3000 v2, launched in 2005, set the standard for automotive testing, becoming the reference system for testing across the automotive industry including for Euro NCAP testing, the v3 has raised the bar even further.

As OxTS` high performance INS for vehicle testing, the RT3000 v3 is the complete measurement solution, now with built in RT-Range functionality.
Precision reference made simple
Recently and comprehensively updated, the next-generation RT3000 v3 represents the very best of automotive measurement devices used world over for Euro NCAP testing and autonomous vehicle validation projects. The RT3000 v3 features a range of improvements on its predecessor the RT3000 v2.

The RT3000 v3 provides the same OxTS smooth, robust and repeatable outputs in real-time with low latency. Same too are the fully integrated high-grade MEMS IMU and RTK capable GNSS receivers, recording a comprehensive list of measurements including position, velocity, acceleration, and orientation. What`s new is the improved user experience. Less hassle, more features.
One box, turnkey solution
One tool to combine multiple functions, no need to complicate tests with many separate pieces of equipment. The RT3000 v3 integrates GNSS, IMU, onboard data logging, real-time processing and with the CAN acquisition upgrade can become a central data acquisition system for other CAN signals from the vehicle such as steering angle and throttle position.
Vehicle dynamics testing
Slip angle measurement
Steering robot guidance (AB Dynamics recommended)
Brake testing
NCAP AEB testing
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) testing - NHTSA FMVSS126
Dynamic lane change - ISO3888
Autonomous vehicle ground truth reference
Key Features
NEW - Onboard NTRIP client - to make it easier when receiving corrections on the open road
NEW - Integrated WiFi - wireless monitoring and communication between the RT and your laptop (RT-XLAN still required for V2V communication)
CAN 2.0 and NEW CAN-FD interface
Wheel speed input with quadrature encoding
3x Ethernet ports
Terrastar support
CAN Acqusition (optional) - CAN data acquired from other sensors can be logged to the RT
NEW - Relative measurements (RT-Range - optional) calculated onboard
Indoor positioning interface (optional) - for testing with Locata technology indoors
Technical Information
Model RT3000 L1 Only RT3000
Position 1.8m SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.4m DGPS 1.5m SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.4m DGPS /0.01m RTK
Velocity 0.1km/h 0.05km/h
Pitch / Roll 0.05˚ 0.03˚
Heading 0.1˚ 0.1˚
Slip angle at 50 km/h 0.2˚ 0.15˚
Dual antenna No Yes