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Thin and lightweight Easy to install to steering shafts
SFA-E-SA20 steering sensors adopt strain gages to detect steering force (torque) and has built-in amplifier. Also, rotary encoders in steering sensors measure steering angle with high resolution. In addition, the dedicated indicator displays steering force and angles.
Key Features
Rotary encorder measures steering angle with high resolution
Built-in amplifier ensures stable steering force output with minimal influence of external noise
Dedicated indicator is separately available
Technical Information
Model SFA-E-SA20
Steering torque
Rated capacity ±20 to ±200Nm (As specified)
Rated output 2V
Nonlinearity Within ±0.3%RO (Within ±0.5%RO for ±150Nm)
Hysteresis Within ±0.3%RO (Within ±0.5%RO for ±150Nm)
Safe overloads 120%
Power supply ±5V DC
Steering angle
Detector Rotary encoder
Output phase A phase, B phase
Output form Rectangular wave
Output pulse 18000 pulses/360˚
Recommended excitation 5V DC
Weight Approx. 2.5kg (Including 1kg of steering wheel)
Dedicated Indicator
2 channels of input for steering angle (pulse) and steering force (voltage)
3 voltage signals and indications: steering force (torque), steering angle, and steering angle speed
Allows indicator unit to be separately mounted with suction mount
· Top: Indicator Unit SFA-E-20A
· Bottom: Signal Conditioner Unit SFA-E-218A