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Correvit S-Motion
Correvit S-Motion: 2-axis optical sensors
For high-precision measurement of distance, speed, and angle in vehicle dynamics testing applications (for example ISO 4138). High accuracy and measurement frequency; low adjustment effort; short setup time; no running-in procedure required.
Speed (absolute, longitudinal, transverse) and angle for dynamic vehicle testing)
Slip-free measurement of distance
Key Features
New technique reduces signal noise of speed and slip angle
Low signal delay of 6ms
Determination of pitch and roll angle
Measurement of GPS position data and time
Measurement of acceleration and angular rates
Conversion of measurands to any point of the vehicle
Capable of detecting driving direction - forward or backward - throughout the entire speed range
Low adjustment effort at the vehicle, shorter setup time, no running-in procedure
Technical Information
Model Correvit S-Motion
Speed ±0,1 ... 250km/h
Distance resolution ≤1mm
Measurement accuracy <±0,2%FSO
Angle ±30˚
Angle resolution <±0,01˚
Measurement accuracy angle · Typical : <±0,1˚
· Guaranteed : <±0,2˚
Angle speed ±300˚/s