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Simple acceleration meter "G-meter"
Our G-meter is a product developed by summarizing the ideas of professional test drivers who drive the vehicle under various conditions. Made by reflecting many opinions such as vibration during driving, high visibility with wide angle of the G-level and scale, flexibility in a fixing angle, backlight for night driving.
Demonstrate the maximum capacity of simplified measuring function
The concept of development of our G-meter is easy to install, easily operate, and use it easily without a complicated setting process at the site of running test. Also, it realized a clear visual field and low vibration by reducing the size and weight. It provides marvelous visibility under any conditions, display the "G" correctly, in real time and provide safety and security in the daily test operations. Note: Do not use our G-meter under the conditions described below or general roads. There is a possibility of dropping/damaging/breakage/vibration. Road conditions: rough surface, stone pavement, joint, off-road, undulated road and graveled road, any roads which have uneven area.
Technical Information
Model TEE-012-GM
Weight 348g including the suction cup
External dimensions H 105mm × W 43mm × D 77mm (Main unit only)
Measuring range · Front to back G : 5~-10m/s²
· Turning G : 0~10m/s²
Non-linearity 5%
Temperature characteristics +4%shift (@50˚C)
Battery CR2 Lithium Battery for LED backlight
Japanese Patent Application Number 特願2010-119826***