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EuroNCAP Soft Car 360 (Version G)
The Soft Car 360 is the official vehicle target for EuroNCAP 2020 testing
Soft Car 360 is a lightweight, durable vehicle target with the proven ability to perform the EuroNCAP 2020 LSS test at a closing speed of 144kph. It has been adopted by EuroNCAP and NHTSA as the Global Vehicle Target for safe ADAS testing.
Aerodynamic stability
The structural design of the Soft Car 360 body results in unparalleled aerodynamic stability, with almost no movement at up to 100kph. This stability is essential, ensuring that the target is reliably recognised by test vehicles' ADAS sensors.
Accurate resemblance from all directions
With a combination of photo-realistic outer skin and built-in radar reflectivity, the Soft Car 360 body has been extensively tested by AB Dynamics and its customers to ensure that it is recognised as a real car by ADAS sensors.

The standard vehicle body is a Fiesta, but AB Dynamics can also offer a Smart Car, and custom bodies are available on customer request.

Relevant standards and protocols · Euro NCAP TB25 · Euro NCAP TB29 · ISO 19206-3
Key Features
Approved by EuroNCAP for the 2020 protocols
Aerodynamically stable for high speed testing
Ability to perform ADAS tests like LSS at a closing speed of 144kph
Each Soft Car 360 part is readily available as a spare
Revision F can be easily upgraded to Revision G
Less than 8 minutes build time
Foam body structure with Velcro™ fixing
Photo-realistic vinyl skins
Panels encase breakaway radio and GPS antennas
Reflective printed vehicle lights and number plates
Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) underskirts
Full wheel foam pieces with corner reflectors
Visually realistic attachable wing mirrors
Improved realistic radar signature with radar reflective material in bumpers, doors and bonnet