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Scooter Target
Scooter Targets
Scooter targets can represent the same attributes of electric scooters and drivers as the sensors used in vehicles, and are detected by automotive radar and infrared system sensor technology.
Key Features
It has the same radar reflection properties as the real target.
Dummy can be separated from scooter.
Adopt modular assembly
The wheel is equipped with a micro-Doppler generator, which has the same micro-Doppler characteristics as the real electric scooter.
Technical Information

Scooter Hand Size
Height 1800 mm ± 20 mm
Hip height 923 mm ± 20 mm
Shoulder width 1500mm ± 20mm
Shoulder height 1500mm ± 20mm
Head width 240mm ± 10mm
Head height 260 mm±10 mm
Trunk depth 215mm ± 10mm

Scooter Size
Total vehicle length 1720 mm
Total vehicle width 125mm ± 10
Height of handlebar 1000 mm
Seat height 730 mm
Ground clearance 170 mm
Wheel wheelbase 1230 mm

Overall Weight (person+car)
Weight <15kg