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Robot Independent Power Pack
The Independent Power Pack is compatible with our range of driving robots and can be installed quickly without connecting to a vehicle’s power system.
The power supply’s high-capacity battery allows uninterrupted testing from an independent source, giving the reassurance that the vehicle’s own systems have sufficient power.

The Independent Power Pack is perfect for use with electric vehicles that may not otherwise have a compatible battery system. It’s high energy-density cells and compact form factor ensure power is readily available in any vehicle, making life on the track much easier.
Key Features
Suitable for use with electric vehicles, as it’s free from interference with the car’s battery management system
2 hours charging time between uses
Quick and easy installation without extra wiring connected into the car
Compliant with UN 38.3 regulation for lithium-ion batteries
High capacity allows for full day of typical scenario testing
Suitable for single-person handling
Technical Information

Length 340 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 410 mm
Weight 22 kg (Excluding lid)

Battery system
Battery capacity 1000 Wh (6 hours - typical test scenarios)
Battery chemistry LiFePO4
Nominal output 66V for use with a standard robot system

Mains power input 230 V AC 6A or 115 V AC 10 A

Power outputs
Rated output supply 1
(Power out ? pins B & D)
66 V DC 32 A
Rated output supply 2
(Power out ? pins C & B)
66 V DC 3 A
Rated output supply 3
(Aux 1 ? pins 1 & 2)
13.8 V DC 2.5 A 60 W
Rated output supply 4
(Aux 2 ? pins 1 & 2)
13.8 V DC 2.5 A 60 W

UN 38.3 regulation for lithium-ion batteries