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xRED3000 - OEM board
Why choose xRED3000?
· Compact. Light.
Measuring just 53.6 x 50.6 x 9.5 mm and weighing only 20 grams, the xRED3000 is suitable for land- and air-based applications.

· Reliable, real-time data
Combines two survey-grade GNSS receivers with OxTS’ latest IMU10 inertial technology to deliver uninterrupted position, orientation and dynamics in all environments. Outputs real-time data at 100 Hz (250 Hz optional) via ethernet and serial.

· Low dynamics warm up
The xRED3000 gets to specification within three minutes of low dynamics movement. Increases flight time efficiency for aerial applications and eliminates space requirements for land-based warm-ups.

· Post-processing tools included
Avoid the hassle of selling third-party subscriptions with your product with OxTS software suite, NAVsuite, included free-of-charge. NAVsuite contains the essential applications your customers could need for device configuration, realtime monitoring, post-processing and data visualisation.

· ITAR-free: no export licence requirements
Ship your xRED3000 globally without requiring export licences. The xRED3000 leverages advancements in OxTS’ navigation engine to achieve a new level of performance using components that are not subject to export control.

· Tailored to your needs
Optimise your unit cost to include only the functionality you need. Use as a second-source option with no minimum order quantity and volume discounts available. Add additional functionality and firmware upgrades to your xRED3000s in the field with remote upgrades.