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RT3000 v4 DO-160
RT3000 v4 accuracy in a aerospace-ready, DO-160-certified enclosure.
The RT3000 DO-160 GNSS/INS has been engineered to provide a cost-effective, reliable navigation solution for the most demanding environments.

Combining OxTS’ highest performing MEMS IMU technology with dual antenna RTK GNSS, in an IP67-rated enclosure, the RT3000 DO-160 delivers accurate position and inertial measurements even in the toughest environmental conditions.

Why choose the RT3000 DO-160 from OxTS?
· DO160 certified and IP67 rated
Certified to the stringent DO160 aerospace standards, the RT3000 DO-160 can operate on general aviation aircraft, helicopters, jumbo jets, or supersonic transports without fear of system failure due to environmental pressures. The IP67 ruggedised casing ensures that the sensors are protected against a range of environmental hazards including those associated with humidity, sand, dust, high vibration, shock, flammability and temperature variation.

· Navigation tailored to your needs
Build a navigation solution designed to help you tackle your specific challenges with the RT3000 DO-160 as your base product. Compatibility with the OxTS Generic Aiding Data (GAD) interface, and a range of optional features, gives you the ability to build a navigation product not just ‘fit for purpose’, fit for YOUR purpose!

· Free post-processing software
No need to manage expensive subscription software licenses. Every RT3000 DO-160 purchased includes the NAVsuite software application toolset free-of-charge. NAVsuite contains all of the applications you need for device configuration, real-time monitoring, post-processing and data visualisation to ensure you get the best possible data.
Technical Information
Model RT3000 v4 RT3000 v4 DO160
Positioning GPS L1, L2C (QZSS)
BeiDou B1, B2
Galileo E1, E5
BeiDou B1, B2
Galileo E1, E5
Single/Dual Antenna Both Both
X, Y Position RTK - 0.01 m
PPK - 0.01 m˚
RTK - 0.01 m
PPK - 0.01 m˚
Altitude 0.012 m 0.012 m
Velocity 0.025 km/h 0.025 km/h
Roll & Pitch 0.010° 0.010°
True Heading 0.040° 0.040°
Slip Angle 0.050° 0.050°
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 71 mm 120 x 120 x 71 mm
Weight 690 g 690 g
Input Voltage 10 - 48 V dc 10 - 48 V dc
Power Consumption 6 W 6 W
Internal Storage 32 GB 32 GB
Onboard Data Logging Rate 3 MB/s 3 MB/s
Environmental Protection IP65 IP67