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차량 계측 센서/시스템 자율주행/ADAS 개발 솔루션 차량 시험 컨설팅 및 리웍
Automated validation of sensors and algorithms, enabling machine learning and AI projects
MOSAIK Suite™ is a software tool that automatically generates labeled and ground truth data, providing invaluable support for validation projects and training data needs for AI applications. With unparalleled quality in labeled and ground truth data output, this tool can deliver quick, detailed insights into the maturity of your sensor systems.

Release 2.0 of MOSAIK Suite™ includes lane and road detection, plus new features such as traffic sign and traffic light detection; drivable free space analysis, critical for validating evasive maneuver planning; and ground detection for a comprehensive representation of the ground structure.
Key Features
· Includes MVIS Auto-Annotation software
· Automatically annotates objects and lanes
· Allows for manual editing of objects and lanes
· Supports data of selected third-party lidars
· Scalable due to cloud-compatible architecture
· Offers the complete toolchain from a single source
· Compatible with MVIS SyncBox Pro
Technical Information

Real-time Tracking and Recording
0 % - 100 % raw data
Recording System
Hardware · Lidar
· Lane tracker SLMS
· Third-party lidar sensors
· 100 % raw data
· MVIS SyncBox Pro
Software · MVIS ECU Recording Suite
· MVIS CaliGraph

Recorded Data Validation
0 % - 100 % GT data
MVIS Validation
MVIS Auto-Annotation Software · Lidar
· Automatic object detection, classification & tracking
· Automatic lane marking and road boundary detection (highway)
· Automatic scenario detection
· Cloud-compatible architecture due to Docker image
· Intuitive graphical user interface
Data formats: ? For objects .json ? For lanes OpenDRIVE xODR
SMVIS Reference Software · Visualization for scan point, object, and lane data
· Editors for object, lane and scenario data
· Interface software development kit (SDK)