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Articulated Pedestrian Test Dummy
Soft Pedestrian 360™ a next-generation pedestrian ADAS target
The Soft Pedestrian 360 reimagines the VRU pedestrian target, and its design has been carefully considered to reduce lifespan cost, minimise damage to test vehicles and improve realism. By using the Soft Pedestrian 360 target, the automotive industry can more accurately test the safety of their vehicles and ensure they are future-proofed for increasingly demanding ADAS testing and development activities.
Designed by test engineers to minimise potential damage to the test vehicle
The Soft Pedestrian 360 is designed to minimise damage to test vehicles during crash tests. This target is made of soft, lightweight foam, which separates into low mass components that absorb the energy of the impact and reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle. The Soft Pedestrian 360’s thoughtful design ensures compliance at impact but provides enough stiffness for effective articulation. Concealed joint mechanisms are also encased in foam blocks so no hard mechanical parts come in contact with the subject vehicle.
Advanced articulation for more human-like movemen
With its sophisticated active articulation of the knee, hip, shoulder and neck, the Soft Pedestrian 360 has been designed with improved sensor perception and categorisation in mind. Its “step-in-sync” gait is automatically synchronised with the target's position, speed and acceleration, avoiding the "Flintstoning" phenomenon.
Robust foam body with protected components for unrivalled longevity
Designed to improve pedestrian target durability and cost-effectiveness, the Soft Pedestrian 360 features a modular design that reduces damage to vehicles and increases uptime. Its limbs and head are made of foam and encased in a hard-wearing fabric, which is easy and cost-effective to replace when damaged. Limbs also feature a unique servo design with an integrated slipper clutch to prevent damage caused by being backdriven on impact.
Configured as either partially articulated or fully articulated
Operators can enjoy increased testing flexibility, as the articulating arms and head can be swapped for static units or changed to increase the variety of testing. Whether conducting NCAP tests or development work, the Soft Pedestrian 360 is a cost-effective and efficient solution for ADAS testing.
Designed for test engineers by test engineers
The Soft Pedestrian 360 is designed and engineered by Dynamic Research, Inc (DRI) in California. For decades DRI has provided research and testing services for the world's leading OEMs, completing hundreds of tests per year, including FMVSS, NHTSA NCAP and Euro NCAP tests.