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Axle level 250Hz NVH rig
The Axle level 250Hz NVH rig measures noise, vibration and harshness transmission from the wheel hubs via suspension components into the suspension mounting points.
Building on AB Dynamics’ vast experience in producing laboratory test equipment for the international automotive market with proven products which rely on accurate motion control and precise measurement.
NVH characteristics optimised early in the design process
The data generated allows improved correlation between the modelled and actual characteristics of the axle system, enabling the NVH characteristics of the prototype axle system to be optimised early in the design process. This avoids the need for expensive and compromised NVH fixes in the production vehicle.
Unique actuator and frame design
The class leading performance of the award-winning ANVH 250 is achieved by combining an innovative and exceptionally high natural frequency frame with AB Dynamics' high frequency linear actuator, which applies precise electrically controlled motion to the wheel hub at frequencies up to 250Hz. The ANVH 250 is designed to allow a wide range of vehicle sub frame assemblies to be loaded and fixed to the frame with custom mounts and has the option to be fitted with the Dynamic Arm wheel position measurement system from AB Dynamics' SPMM 5000e. This enables the Kinematics and Compliance characteristics of the axle subframe to also be measured.