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ibeoNEXT Corner
Ibeo has developed a completely new, industry-wide 4D sensor system.
The ibeoNEXT is a solid state LiDAR sensor which has no moving parts at all and uses a pure semi-conductor solution instead. The absence of mechanical components makes the solid state sensor more robust and therefore reliable over a longer period. Because of its compact design and light weight, it can also be integrated easily into a multitude of vehicle platforms and any design. The sensor generates a 3D point cloud and an intensity image that is similar to the photo taken by a black-and-white camera - this is the fourth dimension. The solid state technology of the ibeoNEXT Solid State LiDAR also impresses with its wide range of 300m and high spatial resolution of 0.05˚, for example.
Possible setup for a highway pilot.
This system includes two ibeoNEXT Corner modules and one centralized processing unit (LDE) for:

· Low level (rawdata) sensor fusion
· 3D object tracking
· Object classification
· Static environment representation
· Intensity image (4th dimension)
The ibeoNEXT Corner 4D Solid State LiDAR can be used for any application in autonomous driving from Level 2+ to Level 5 and is particularly impressive in the following scenarios:
Vehicle cut-in
Approaching a stand still vehicle in ego lane
In curve or high way off ramp
Overhanging load
Small obstacles on the road
Road barriers
Highway Pilot
Key Features
ROBUST : The solid state technology means: NO moving parts in the sensor
EASY TO INTEGRATE : With its compact and light design, the ibeoNEXT sensor can be integrated easily into the vehicle.
MODULAR : The use of various optics with the same electronics opens up a wide range of applications.
EXPERIENCE : Over 20 years of experience in the development of LiDAR technology for automotive applications
Technical details
Very high resolution (e.g. 0.05°)
Long range (e.g. 300 m)
Large FOV (e.g. 11.2 ° x 60 °)
Output: 3D point cloud & intensity image
Small size and small weight
Eye-safe laser class 1
Low energy consumption
ADAS and AD (support for L2+ to L5)
Image rate 25 Hz
Absolutely no moving parts