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MOVIA - Generic 4D Solid State LiDAR
MOVIA has developed a completely new, industry-wide 4D sensor system
In particular, the modular design of MOVIA is unique on the LiDAR market: depending on the application, 11.2˚, 32˚, 60˚ or 120˚ lenses can be selected. By using several sensors and fusing the data in a software package running on the ECU, 360˚ detection of the environment around the vehicle can be achieved.

MOVIA is a solid state LiDAR sensor which has no moving parts at all and uses a pure semi-conductor solution instead. The absence of mechanical components makes the solid state sensor more robust and therefore reliable over a longer period. Because of its compact design and light weight, it can also be integrated easily into a multitude of vehicle platforms and any design. The sensor generates a 3D point cloud and an intensity image that is similar to the photo taken by a black-and-white camera - this is the fourth dimension. The solid state technology of the MOVIA Solid State LiDAR also impresses with its wide range of 300m and high spatial resolution of 0.05˚.
Not just another Solid State LiDAR - It´s Sequential Flashing!
MOVIA sensor consists of a transceiver and receiver unit with 80 rows per 128 columns.

The sensor uses the technology of sequential flashing, which means that the environment is scanned row by row. For every scan, each row is illuminated multiple hundred times. Therefore, each scan consists of thousands of measurements. In addition, rows can be activated in every sequence, depending on the need of the automated driving function.
Size Matters
Due to the sequential flashing technology, MOVIA scores with small dimensions and a light weight. In fact, the sensor is smaller than a credit card - because size matters!
Enabler for Autonomous Driving from Level 3 to 5
Highway pilot
Detection of objects that are 20 cm in size from a distance of 130 meters.
Complex traffic scenarios
Detection that covers a 360° field of view by mounting various sensors around the vehicle.
Cutting-in vehicles
Precise object shape detection with a wide horizontal field of view up to 60°.
Overhanging load
Precise detection through 3D modelling of the environment and a high angular resolution up to 0.1°.
MOVIA Fusion System for your use case
MOVIA Fusion System for environmental perception consists of two main components: The LiDAR sensors and the electronic control unit (ECU).

The sensors are available with a 11.2 °, 32° or 60° optic. They can be installed or mounted in any preferred way ? depending on your use case. The sensor functionality is not limited to the application shown in this example.

The ECU includes our proprietary perception software to process the data. Via the visualization software, the integrated point cloud, the intensity image and the 3D object tracking are displayed.
Possible setup for an automated shuttle.
This system includes MOVIA Generic modules in combination with centralized processing unit (LDE) for:

· Low level (rawdata) sensor fusion
· 3D object tracking
· Object classification
· Static environment representation
· Intensity image (4th dimension)
Key Features
ROBUST : The solid state technology means: NO moving parts in the sensor
EASY TO INTEGRATE : With its compact and light design, MOVIA sensor can be integrated easily into the vehicle.
MODULAR : The use of various optics with the same electronics opens up a wide range of applications.
EXPERIENCE : Over 20 years of experience in the development of LiDAR technology for automotive applications
Technical details
Very high resolution (e.g. 0.05˚)
Long range (e.g. 300 m)
Large FOV (e.g. 120x60˚)
Output: 3D point cloud & intensity image
Small size and small weight
Eye-safe Laser class 1
Low energy consumption
ADAS and AD (fromL2+ toL5)
Frame rate: 25 Hz
Absolutely no moving parts