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MD Tactical Targets
MD Tactical Targets
The MD Tactical Targets provide high fidelity replication of the specific signatures for that element in the visual, thermal and (as available) radar (SAR) portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and meet or exceed the requirements for size, shape, resolution and colour.
Visual signatures:

The targets are capable of providing a high-definition visual signature including applicable 3 dimensional protrusions and high-resolution digital print replications. Additional appliques allow for greater emphasise of specific features.

Thermal signatures:

The targets are capable of providing an accurate replication of the Thermal Signature and are designed to simulate the real article.

Radar Signatures:

The targets provide an accurate replication of a radar reflectivity.
The targets are capable of operating in conditions below -30C and well above 80C, in winds up to 50kph and wind gust up to 80kph (as provided with tie-down points to secure the element under "worst weather" conditions depending on specification). The targets will be fully operational in all normal weather and weather related conditions to include the effects from rain, dust, sand and high humidity. The targets can be deployed in all landscapes and scenarios to include dessert and wooded terrain during day and night. The specialty fabric based construction of the targets is water repellent and oil/fuel, mildew, fungus, ultraviolet light (fasing) resistant and can be stored for extended periods of time without weathering or degradation.