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TrackFi PowerMesh Wireless Telemetry
Secure high bandwidth data transfer
TrackFi PowerMesh is a dual band IP radio, capable of creating secure mesh networks whilst providing high throughput data transfer between multiple vehicles. This offers greatly improved reliability over standard WLAN technology, making it ideal for vehicle testing including Euro NCAP AEB testing and driverless vehicle testing.
Complete connectivity of all test vehicles and objects
TrackFi PowerMesh provides low latency data transfer between multiple vehicles or to Ground Traffic Control. It is suitable for use in large areas with obstructions such as trees or buildings and is immune to destructive multi-path interference.
Analyse live position data in the lab
Real-time test data from multiple moving vehicles can be relayed to the laboratory for remote monitoring. This includes AB Dynamic Driverless and Synchro Robot data, along with V2V and V2X position and speed measurement.
System Options
With fold-down antennas making it ideal for use in ADAS tests where a soft target collision could cause damage.
Within ADAS platforms
A compact single antenna wide band radio compatible with TrackFi PowerMesh radio for GST and LaunchPad platforms.
Static node
Can be mounted on the infrastructure or beside the track and rapidly deployed to extend mesh coverage using the supplied folding tripod.