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OEM3000 v3
Our highest performance INS for product integration
When your product demands precision, confidence, and reliability, the OEM3000 provides a complete position and motion reference to support your application. An ITAR free solution, it is commercially exportable and can be shipped and integrated in products destined around the world.

With the OEM3000, your product can integrate the gold-standard INS technology that is trusted by OEMs, suppliers and innovators worldwide. Even industry bodies like EURO-NCAP trust in our technologies to deliver the precise measurement performance they require.

The OEM3000 v3 is the latest version of our top tier integrator products. Incorporating years of R&D and more than two decades of inertial navigation experience and expertise, it is undoubtedly our best solution yet for product integration.

Autonomous vehicles
Guided ADAS platforms
Robotic systems
Industrial automation
Key Features
CAN output (including CAN-FD support)
GX/IX™ RTK tight coupling technology
Wheel speed odometer input support
Increased output rate up to 250Hz
Network differential
ISO 17025 calibration
Generic aiding input
NTRIP client onboard to receive corrections on the open road
Integrated Wi-Fi for wireless device monitoring and communication
Technical Information
Parameter OEM3000 v3
GNSS constellations L1, L2 GPS / L1, L2 GLONASS / L1, L2 Beidou(Optional) / PPP / SBAS
Positioning Accuracy (CEP) 1.5 SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.4m DGPS 0.1m PPP / 0.01m RTK
Pitch/Roll Accuracy 0.03˚
Heading Accuracy 0.1˚(single antenna) / 0.05˚(dual antenna)
Measurement rate 100Hz, 200 / 250Hz
Operating temperature -40˚C to +70˚C
Specification temperature -10˚C to +50˚C
Power input 10-50V
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions 184 x 120 x 71mm
Weight 1.4kg
Logging capacity 32GB
Interfaces Ethernet(x3), Seria (x3)
Dual antenna Yes