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The lightweight, compact, customisable INS board set
The xOEM1000 board set is our most lightweight, compact and flexible INS solution for product integration, providing the perfect blend of flexibility, connectivity and performance to power your product innovations.

The solution of choice for any product that requires complete 3D navigation functionality, the xOEM1000 offers all the same great features and functionality as our OEM1000.

The difference between OEM1000 and xOEM1000 is that xOEM1000 operates as an embedded GNSS/INS board set, shedding the weight of the OEM1000 housing and allowing product design and development teams to integrate and build it directly into their product.

Autonomous vehicles
Guided ADAS platforms
Robotic systems
Industrial automation
Key Features
CAN output
GX/IX™ RTK tight coupling technology
On-board NTRIP client
Wheel speed odometer input support
Network differential
Generic aiding input
Increased output rate up to 250Hz
Technical Information
Parameter xOEM1000
Positioning L1, L2 GPS / L1, L2 GLONASS / B1, B2 Beidou
Positioning Accuracy (CEP) 2cm
Velocity Accuracy (RMS) 0.1km/h
Pitch/Roll Accuracy (1σ) 0.05˚
Heading Accuracy (2 m baseline) (1σ) 0.1˚
Acceleration bias stability 0.02mg
Acceleration range 30g
Angular Rate bias stability 3˚/hr
Angular Rate range 300˚/s
Maximum output rate 250Hz
Operating temperature -40˚C to +70˚C
Specification temperature -10˚C to +70˚C
Power input 10-31V
Power consumption 9W
Dimensions 112 x 65 x 30mm
Weight 150g
Internal storage 32GB
Interfaces Ethernet, RS-232, CAN
Dual antenna Yes