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Soft pedestrian 360
Dummies, which replicate human properties in size and shape
Dummies can be recognized by mono and stereo cameras as well as radar and infrared systems. In infrared is 50% reflectivity, between 850nm and 910nm. There is no danger of crashes for the dummy, respectively the test vehicle, during a test.
Key Features
For testing in rainy conditions
Very robust - crashes up to 60km/h
No hard impact points
3rd leg for better stability in windy conditions
The dummy is EuroNCAP compliant
Heated cover (Option)
Additional spare parts are available (Option)
Technical Information
Model Soft Pedestrian 360™
Dimensions · Height: 1800mm
· Shoulder width: 500mm
· Weight: 6kg (fully articulated)
Performance · Maximum collision speed: 80km/h
· Water resistance: Optional
Articulation options · Full: Hip, knee, shoulder, neck
· Standard: Hip, knee, shoulder
· Basic: Hip, knee
Compliance ISO 19206-2: Yes
Supported sensor testing · Ultrasonic: Yes
· Mono/stereo camera: Yes
· Lidar Yes Radar: Yes
· Near infrared: Yes