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Moshon Tunnel
For testing ADAS in complete darkness
This is a unique solution for testing ADAS sensors in the dark. Exclusively available from Moshon Data, the sectional Inflatable Tunnel can be configured in various options.

Suitable for NCAP VRU testing in the dark the 10m wide 7M high NEST, Night Environment Simulation Tunnel consists of 15m long sections, each section has emergency exit, HVAC and exhaust extraction ports.

With a background Lux of less than < 0.1 and average number of GNSS satellite readings of approx 13, the NEST is an ideal Controlled-Light environment. Capable of having Moshon Data`s NCAP 5m high Street lights inside whilst still allowing the VRU pedestrian Robot to operate from behind parked obscuration vehicles into the path of the VUT (vehicle under test).

Smaller 5m wide 3m high sections are available to give an acceleration path into the Lit-up test area.

Custom options are possible with an Intersection being developed along with a Head light Test version.
VRU Pedestrian testing in the Dark
Headlight test
Headlight sensor test
General Night test
Brake test area, controlled environment